Whole House Water Softeners

What is it?

Picking the right water softener is an important step in the purification of your water. To understand sizing, it is best to understand how it all works.Water Softeners Morton
What a water softener does is trade “hard” minerals in water for “soft” minerals in water. The typical trade is as calcium (hard mineral) enter a water softener it is traded for sodium (soft mineral).
Inside a water softener are a bunch of chemical magnets called “ion exchange resin”. These little chemical magnets do the trading. The more chemical magnets you have in a softener, the higher the capacity is. Capacity is the amount of gallons a softener will purify before you need to recharge (regenerate) it.

Solving Hard Water Problems

Hard water comes from aquifers and other underground sources that collect dissolved minerals from rock—particularly calcium, magnesium carbonate, and manganese. These minerals give water undesirable characteristics that collectively are dubbed “hardness.” The severity of hardness is measured by grains (of mineral) per gallon (GPG) or, in some cases, by parts per million of mineral (PPM). One GPG equals 17.1 PPM.

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